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NEXUS believes in building bridges and not constructing walls. Happily, the enterprise lived up to its credit for eleven fruitful years.  All along and still does. by being the bridge between the company and its clientele, between human ware and hardware. The company took roots Twenty Five years back. The time when very few dared to  tread the uncharted territory of computer manufacture, maintenance and servicing.

Indeed a brave new world at that time to venture into and service particularly when even today so many giants in the field hesitate and find it tough to survive, Nexus Computers not only took the plunge, but drove smoothly ahead.

NEXUS Computers was founded in 1991 with TWO IT professionals from VJTI College of Engineering. Initially started like a cottage industry it has grown to a successful IT major with reach across PAN India.

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[/vc_column][vc_column][vc_column_text]Nexus is not just computers.  Nexus is computer people in the service of the corporate people & governments . In fact IT Engineers with excellence, expertise and experience Focused on customers and their needs.

Nexus is all about turning computer capability into results. Which means deploying army of highly motivated engineers that deliver. people delegated with high level decision making power. Ensuring fast remedial action that makes critical difference.

You can rely on Nexus, and relax. With 99% uptime on all machines: concerning hardware, of course valid only for problems arising out of hardware malfunctioning and not other factors.

We also provide quarterly Preventive maintenance with a class. So as to avoid any problems from aggravating.  Plus we also offer Help Desk and Net Logging Software.

No wonder, today NEXUS is entrusted with the maintenance of more than 1500 plus installations. Ably providing Help Desk Management and Net Logging Solutions to boost up our response time to match the challenges of time with the help of 220 + technical Expertise for Infrastructure Managed services

The commitment we honor with full responsibility and capability. Endorsed by the fact that most of our principals are with us for more than one decade fruitful years.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row row_type=”3″ blox_height=”375″ blox_image=”5637″ align_center=”aligncenter” blox_dark=”true” parallax_speed=”7″ row_pattern=”max-pat2″ video_fullscreen=”true” video_type=”video/youtube”][vc_column]


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